Our Truckee River Legacy Foundation
Rotary Club of Truckee
Vision Statement
The Truckee River is the heart of our town. It has supported and enhanced our town throughout Truckee’s existence.
Our gift to future generations and ourselves will be to honor The River by making it accessible while preserving and protecting it. The River will entice us to walk beside it; hear its rushing and stillness; gaze upon it from parks along its banks.
It is our obligation to do this. It is Our Truckee River Legacy.
Truckee Rotary: Our Truckee River Legacy Project Mission Statement
Our mission is to serve as the catalyst in the development of access to the Truckee River from Glenshire to Hwy. 89 and Donner Lake. We understand and accept the fact that this may take many years.
To accomplish this we will:
  • Create a multi-use trail system that both provides access to and encourages appreciation and respect for The River’s natural habitat;
  • Facilitate productive partnerships committee to getting the job done;
  • Realize the dream of our legacy, which will create deep pride among Rotarians and within our local community.